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  1. Thing is i cant print anything, layer separation is way too high, under extrusion is everywhere, and it just doesnt seem to work Ill post the gcode in a bit, but the extruder is working and extruding, the wheel that feeds the filament in is the one that is not
  2. Nop, just printed PLA and i always clean the feeder gear, so thats not the problem
  3. Ok so i've been having this problem for about 2 months now. I've been researching, asking, and getting my hand on it trying to fix it, watching different videos and so on the internet. This is my third post about the same issue on the forums but this time im gonna explain absolutely everything ive tried and what i found out is causing the issue, and maybe with that you might help me solve it. Because i still cant. So i have an ender 3 that i bougth about 2 months ago, first prints were ok, then ive started having underextrusion because of the "combing on skin " option on cura , i solved that and now this happens. I get extremely under extruded layers , wich look to form the exact same patterns. I've printed the same exact model twice and the under extrusion started at the same exact height for both of them. I thought it was a prpblem related with the z axis, but then i noticed something with the extruder was wrong. The extruder knob, with the motor, and everything is working, except for the feeder wheel, wich works intermintently, sometimes it moves inwards when the extruder is extruding and sometimes it just doesnt move. I've tried everything. I've loosen, thighten either the extruder arm, the spring, changed its tension by adding a 1mm print attached next to it, and nothing seemed to work. When i adjusted the bolts of the extruder, the estepper starting slipping and missed steps, also the gear of the extruder started grinding the filament. When i loosen it , the feeder wheel worked intermintently losing extrusion for the print. I've also dismantled it several times to see if theres any clog preventing the extruder to push the filament on the nozzle or something, lowered the heat bed and actually bought more nozzles to replace the older ones with. I've tried as well different profiles and different softwares, different temperatures, different speeds (even at 20mm/s) and about 7 different filaments. None of these worked. I've ordered a metal extruder to replace the stock one with but i need to start printing now, and i just cant seem to make it work ! The tension on the extruder arm is driving me crazy and seems like no mechanical adjust will be capable of solving the problem. Thank you for your time and i really hope you have an advice for me ! Greetings
  4. Update : ok so i just cleaned the nozzle , refeeded de filament and ive loosen the extruder knob also. Tried printing the exact same print and its got the same extrusion problem on the exact same height. Any thoughts ?
  5. So this problem actually seems to occur in every print, im wondering why its happening
  6. Now that you say that, i think the problem might be related with another problem i have, where as soon as the hot end gets hot filament starts to extrude by itself, i know this is a normal thing to happen, but it extrudes quite a lot of filament, and it does this everytime, so filament comes out the nozzle even when its not supposed to, when the head is travelling for example.
  7. So i just got my printer 2 weeks ago and it did a pretty good job on the first prints i've done, wich they were quite small. I started printing larger things a few days ago, wich it was what i bought the print for. And i seem to get this kind of under extrusion problem in some parts of the print, only at certain hights, because as you can see in the image it kinds of corrects itself in the next hights any guesses on how to fix this problem? ive read that it might be a problem of the retraction being set too high, but i dont think it might be that
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