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  1. Hi Everyone, Below is an error that our 3D Printer now displays prior to Printing or Performing a Auto/Manual bed level, I'm now unable to do anything with the printer. Does this mean the Active Level Sensor needs replacing or is their something that can be done to rectify the issue? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Regards Joel
  2. Hi gr5, Regarding the manual leveling for the bed. Thanks for this advice as I had to make some adjustments to the bed during manual leveling to calibrate it correctly. Regarding the leveling screws. I backed off all the screws a little bit as they were a bit tight. Regarding the springiness of the bed. During leveling I watched closely at the nozzle head as it approached the bed and it seemed to stop immediately when it made contact with the glass. Regarding the 2 wires (red one & white one) in the bottom of the front door for the head. I op
  3. Hi Everyone, My boss a few months ago bought a Ultimaker 3 Extended for our company to be able to 3D Print prototypes and its our first real experience with 3D Printing. I have been assigned to setup and run the machine which I have self tough myself through reading manuals, these forums & printing a lot of "test" models to gain some knowledge into the world of 3D Printing. Attached below is a photo of an error that pops up every time we hit print leaving us with a printer that does not want to print at all. I have checked, cleaned & re calibrated th
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