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  1. I've found it, it's the slicing tolerance..... When I set it to "Exclusive" the Model won't be printed, every other setting will slice it as intended. Any explanation on this ?!
  2. Hi, I updated to Ultimaker 4.2.1 and now a model that I created in 2018 and I am printing every few weeks isn´t printing anymore. When slicing, it just prints a Tower and useless support structures : -> this is the model x2 before preparation : and this is the simulated print : -> the Model is completely ignored and there are just useless support structures printed what could be the reason ?! I exported it again as .stl from the model, but nothing changes this situation. I can print every other model without problem, but it´s just this specific model since Update to 4.2.1 .... Could it be a Bug in the 4.2.1 - Version ? It´s definitely not the model, it has been printed a thousand times before flawless..... 04_RadsensorPanel_Raw_trianguliert_V4_final.stl
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