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  1. I've been having issues with my S5 for a while, and decided that perhaps the Bowden tubes were the problem. Yesterday I received new ones, replaced them, cleaned both extruders, cleaned and lubricated the feeders and reset the tension. Tried a test print on the job I was working on, and it failed. I was using toughpla in extruder 1 and PVA in 2, with the correct extruders. After the printer cooled down, I went to unload and store the PVA. The process went as usual, except instead of waiting for the extruder to heat, the printer tried to remove the filament immediately, and failed. There
  2. After finishing a long print job and starting another, my S5 went somewhat wonky. Prints were failing right and left. I cleaned print cores, reset XY settings, and generally tore hair out until I figured out what had happened. The number 1 extruder tension adjustment bolt had burst through the housing, removing most of the tension from the extruder. The material was still feeding when loading and unloading, which added to diagnosing the problem. Finally, when I got smart enough to realize that all the problems I was having were due to under-extrusion, I inspected both extruders. Number 1
  3. And that is, in fact, the problem with all the print issues. The other problem regarding the long waits and lack of guidance on why went mostly away with a reload of the firmware -- the SAME firmware -- and a factory reset. The extruder has been cobbled together, using a nut I found in the junkbox that fit the bolt and a couple of washer to get the tension back to almost midway. It works, but not a permanent fix. I have a query in to Ultimaker and Matterhackers about fixes and/or replacement extruders. I'm a bit irritated as I've had this printer only since mid-September, something like th
  4. I think I have found part or perhaps all of the problem. I decided to check the tension on the feeder for the left side. The tension indicator was all the way at the top, which I think is minimum. I could not adjust it, so I removed it, following the instructions in the manual for gear lubrication. Took it apart on my bench and found that the adjusting bolt did nothing, It should, when tightened, force the spring tension higher, and all it does is screw down tightly to the plastic piece inside the spring. Something is missing that would hold that bolt captive and force the spring closed.
  5. Aborting the print because when I returned to find the problem way too much time had elapsed and when I tried to resume, the print was ruined. Continued aborting while trying to figure out why, and things got worse and worse. I don't disagree that cool down times are causing it to do this behavior, however, in the past there was an option to skip the cooldown, along with some other screen prompts indicating what it was doing. Those are gone. The factory reset, I thought, would be an option, but it is grayed out. It was NOT asking if the print was removed. I ended up
  6. I've had to abort several prints today due to a supposed material runout -- not the case, but printer keeps stopping. When I tell it to abort, it seems to work, but ends up in some sort of loop with an X on the screen. After it sits for a while, or I turn off power and return it, it comes back with a print finished message and a yellow check mark. And sits. And sits. And does nothing. No functioning controls, no way to reset the printer. I turn off power again and let it sit five minutes and it comes back and tries to re-print the aborted job without asking. Cura 4.4, firmware 5.5. Ma
  7. Thanks for the thought. Unfortunately, it doesn't work. Tried with the G28 and G29 commands inbetween the first two, and preceding the first two. Printer still brings print head to the front center and begins heating the bed. Frustrated. Any other suggestions most welcome.
  8. I can't make this code work on an S5 with 4.3.0, no matter what the start GCODE says, apparently the firmware is inserting the bed and nozzle heating commands as well as the leveling command prior to the start up GCODE. I want to use Geckotek EZstick hot as a printing surface however, am experiencing the same problems noted in other posts with the hot nozzles boring holes in the materials and the prints failing with nozzle probes. Is there some way to start cold with an auto bed level and then heat the bed and nozzles? I tried changing the z offset but the holes still get bored. Thanks.
  9. I printed the model last night and despite the time differences between just the face place and the full model, it printed nicely. Before printing, I zeroed the Z axis to make sure the model was sitting flat on the build plate. So the portion that you mentioned that was below the plate should have been fixed. I don't have that feature turned on, just make sure by observation before each print that the model is properly placed and not below the build plate surface. the large bottom area is 2.25mm thick and is printed solid because top and bottom shell thickness are both set to 1
  10. I mis-stated the thickness of the plate, it should be 2 mm. I thought that dimension was correct in the file I attached, but apparently I was wrong. Loaded in another model with that dimension and sliced it, still had no infill in the base plate. Increased the base plate thickness by .25 to 2.25 mm, which still allows the plate to fit flush to the face of the box it goes in, sliced it, and I still see no infill. Cura does see the total height of the plate, which is now 5.25 mm -- shows it as 5 mm, however. The base plate is 2.25 mm and the display portion extends 3.mm above the
  11. If you go into preview and look for the infill, it isn't there. I did include a second file, putting it up again, of the project as it is supposed to look when all the parts are merged. The merge adds text in two places and arrows in four. If you slice that one, you'll note that the print time gets halved or more. Perhaps I don't know what I am looking at in the plate file, but it did not appear that the infill is not present in the 3 mm thick plate, only on the display rectangle. Thank you very much for looking and commenting, any help greatly appreciated. This file title says Rev2 but I
  12. Thank you. Face plate file attached. Also attached is the merged version of what the finished product should look like. UM5 Lighthack 2 Rev3 plate.3mf UMS5_Lighthack 2 plate merged.3mf
  13. Since I am the only one replying to this thread, let me try once more. After spending an inordinate amount of time looking for topics that resemble mine, and failing, I finally went back into Cura and started looking at the sliced model. I found that Cura is not placing any infill in the first 3 mm plate of the print. It does fill the 5 mm high rectangle that is attached to the 3 mm plate. That would be the reason, I would guess, for the slicing errors. Infill is turned on at 20 percent. Increasing it to 50 or 100 percent does nothing. I mocked up another STI file to see how that would b
  14. I thought I had perhaps found the problem. I tried using an older version of the face plate, thinking that I had done something while modifying it. No dice. The plate alone slices as it should, and adding the 2nd extruder text pieces to the design and merging them into the design results in the same problem. I also tried 4.0 and 4.2, as I had printed this design successfully with the lettering in an older version. Still no dice. Hasn't ANYONE got a suggestion other than to start over and recreate the whole thing??? This is so frustrating.
  15. I removed the finished plate this morning, and the reason the time was cut back was that the slicer only used perhaps 10 layers for the main plate. It is very thin at .5 MM instead of the 2 MM it should be. Something very strange happening as slicing only the main plate results in what looks like the right amount of time as well as the right thickness.
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