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  1. @johnse Yes it is correct, Creality Ender 3. I did a reinstall, printed with default settings and everything worked. I changes some settings, it went back to underextrusion. Tried going back to default and now that is under extruding where it was not before. It's like changing any of the settings changes the material diameter to 2.85 but I can't see it or change it 😞
  2. I have enjoyed Cura, but a few months ago I updated to 4.x and then my profiles didn't work (they seemed to think the filament diameter was 2.85) so I remade them and everything was working fine. Now I have Cura on a new computer and the problem has resurfaced with the same profiles. I tried remaking everything with no luck and I have checked the filament diameters, material diameters, etc. and everything looks fine but my printer is massively under extruding, so I need help figuring it out. I know it is software side. Thanks.
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