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  1. Hmmm..... was created in fusion.... I guess I need to go back and seal it up.... ( after figuring out how ) still getting to grips with it, all this is very new to me..... thanks for the pointers really appreciate it !!
  2. Here you go.... I think you are right its definitely going off track as you hit the nose section. I started with 10% infill, to be honest this is really just to get a physical view of what its going to look like for real.... When i get that right i need a full scale print to take a mould.
  3. Hi GR5, Thanks for the response..... Im pretty sure its the model. Attaching few screenshots from cura. There are red areas in x-ray but those areas have printed correctly its more the nose section is the issue. Hard to tell from the slice but you can see the layers which i presume look correct. Checked the machine over it feels new, no slop, float etc etc feels nice and tight as new.
  4. Hi all, Having a bit of a head scratcher with a print. Original was drawn in f360 then sliced in Cura. I tried to print the whole thing downscaled but the front section and underneath seem to have separation issue / thin walls, the middle section is correctly filled and good quality. I had set the walls to 2mm but still have the same issue. I am using the correction options in Cura. Following on I cut the model and changed orientation but the issue is following me and now exaggerated. I can’t for the life of me figure out why the fill isn’t the s
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