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  1. Hey, are you sure you have the newest version of Cura installed? There was a bug with the "stair stepping" as mentioned here: https://github.com/Ultimaker/Cura/issues/7018 I don't know if it was fixed in Cura 4.4.1. Maybe you can check if the problematic layers were supported enough. Was this part printed with PLA and Breakaway? I had a similar looking issue and the suggested workaround solved the issue.
  2. Hi again, I was able to solve the issue with aligning the axles. Sadly following manual isn't available with pictures for the S5. Nonetheless the guide helped me. https://ultimaker.com/en/resources/50679-check-for-play-on-axles
  3. Hey @Minkeproducts, take a look at this manual. I successfully tightened the pulleys and belts today on a S5 with the manual. https://ultimaker.com/en/resources/50679-check-for-play-on-axles
  4. Hi Geert, I will check this with this (https://ultimaker.com/en/resources/52524-xy-offset-calibration) and this (https://ultimaker.com/en/resources/19953-aligning-the-axles) method. Thank you for your input.
  5. Hi, I have problems printing a box with a lid. The corners aren't perpendicular to each other, therefore I can't assemble the box. The box is totally slanted when assembled and I can't put my finger on it, why this happens. The Box and the lid individually lay flat. I printed the box three times so far with no luck. At first I thought the large bottom area causes the problem, so I designed a big hole in it. That did not help either. Maybe the filament is the problem? Please see attached pictures. I printed the last model upside down with a ton of sup
  6. Hey @Sk7500 and @Adri-an, I had a similar problem a while back. It seems that ultimaker and breakaway need some "baby sitting" during preparation of a print. I keep an eye on the temperature of the nozzle and as soon as it reaches 150°C I brush away any oozing material with a wire brush. Just be careful not to hurt yourself with the temperature of the hot end and moving parts. Additionally I print a skirt with breakaway. This helps a lot, because I can identify immediately if there is a calibration offset as a skirt or similar adhesion is printed first. If there i
  7. Thank you for clearing out that there were problems with your model. I printed it with above mentioned changes and it worked, too. There was only a little amount of stringing and a little debris inside. I can attach pictures if you like.
  8. Hi, I imported your model and cura indeed doesn't recognize the interior space. I set the infill to 0% and the top and bottom layers to 0mm. I sliced on fine- 0.1mm with generic PLA in a 0.4 AA core. Hope this works out for you as I didn't try to print it.
  9. I'm using a AA 0.4 print core for Breakaway.
  10. Hi again, @ johnse: I noticed something weird during yesterdays print, wich took 20h to print and turned out wonderful btw. I changed the extruder, which prints the skirt, to the second extruder which prints Breakaway support. I wanted to see immediately if the nozzle is too far away because the first layer often takes at least 30 min to print. Oddly the S5 did not print a prime blob with Breakaway and starts right away with the skirt and first layer of support. After that it printed a blob with the main material and a additional skirt. I think that this is no
  11. Thank you for your reply, jones. At least I'm not alone with the problem of oozing breakaway. I changed following settings Enable Retraction to true (checkbox ticked) Limit Support Retractions to False (checkbox not ticked) I left the retraction distance unchanged, because I didn't figure out which nozzle would be affected by this. The amount of the print blob is fine, perhaps a little too much because it sometimes sticks to the print core housing and strings all over the place. However it can be removed easily and is not an issue at all. I
  12. Thank you, johnse, for your reply. I'd like to comment my experiences: I can verify this behavior. The second nozzle oozes a little bit. The S5 levels with the first nozzle roughly 50 times. In between the second nozzle cools down to idle temperature (100°C). After that the second nozzle is again leveled against three points. If there is a blob, this will cause the nozzle be too far away during the print. There is no chance for me in between to bush this blob away and I can't pause during calibration. I can
  13. Hi again, I wanted to share some pictures of my most recent print. First I checked the material flow manually and started a print, which I aborted, because the nozzle was too far away. So I tried again, this time with severe under extrusion on the first helper disk. Thankfully I placed a second one and the print came out ok afterwards. Additionally I tried to capture the cold blob, that causes my leveling problems. This was snapped after the leveling process and during the heating of the first extruder. (Tweezers for focus.)
  14. Thanks for your input, Geert. Since the printer is at my workplace, I can't make a mess with drying the waste water on newspapers. My colleagues wouldn't approve either. I get the printer to work but it is such a hassle atm. Some times I need to cancel the print multiple times until I get the perfect first layer. I even save the print on USB to avoid walking between my desk and the printer. I simply want to start a print without watching the entire setup routine. Maybe it is a bad batch of the Breakaway material. I don't know if it shows tendencies of oozing norma
  15. Hi, we've got a brand new Ultimaker S5 at work and I've been experimenting with it so far. I've used tough PLA, generic PLA, PVA and Breakaway. We can't use PVA because of regulations of our towns water supplier. Therefore I started to work with Breakaway more and run into problems and I can't figure out what's going wrong. It seems to be either oozing or under extrusion and its never both at the same time. When the filament is oozing it results in a wrong distance of the nozzle to the bed during auto leveling, because Breakaway forms a blob which cools do
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