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  1. I have downloaded Cura 4.2 and now find that it won’t run when I have 3 monitors connected which I generally do as the computer is used for more than just Cura. it is definitely a Cura issue as when I disconnect a monitor Cura runs again, but with all 3 connected it displays the startup screen, goes to the main Cura screen but it is all white and then closes without showing the actual program. what could be wrong - every other program runs correctly? Windows 10 Pro 1903, 16gb
  2. Anyone got a definite answer for this please? I have just installed 4.2.1 on a machine that was [previously working with 3.x (dont know what the version was) and now it wont run, appears to start loading then shows a white screen with the egg-timer and then it just shuts and nothing - I can repeat this until the cows come home, Cura just wont start 😞
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