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  1. My polybox readings are , temp 21.5 , humidity 28%. Hopefully these values are stable and adequate for 3d printing.
  2. at last my polybox has arrived!!! I want to mount it behind the ultimaker on an extended shelf ( on my old portable computer trolly) to get it as close as possible to the infeeders so I'm wondering can I remove the ultimaker spool holder ? I have another container for my spare spools and plan to put it on the bottom shelf, currently occupied by the polybox. My ultimate goal is to have a dedicated portable 3d printing station that can be rolled out to trouble shoot the feeder mechanisms should they need attention.
  3. Cheers ! I just ordered 2 spares from https://www.makerpoint.nl/en/print-table-glass-s5.html. Thanks again, Dermot
  4. Hi , I have just finished a batch of parts on my S5 and need to get the printer going again with another batch but I have to take the finished parts from the glass bed first. This takes 15 to 20 mins turn around. So I'm wondering if it would be an advantage to have a second glass bed waitting to place into my S5 and start the printer and then clean off my finished prints from the first print?? Any advice would be helpful . Thanks in advance, Dermot
  5. Sure enough Smithy the filament was damaged which resulted in no feed. Thanks again for the advice. Dermot
  6. I have changed the material to Generic and the printer has accepted the file so fingers crossed!!!!
  7. Yes, I'm using UM material spools PLA BLACK on spool 1 and NATURAL PVA on spool 2. I took the spools off last weekend as recommended and stored them in a container. I didn't pay attention to the automatic detection. I went and loaded them manually because I had the following errors.
  8. Hi. I keep getting a error message when I send this to print on the network. my material selection is set corrrectly (as per image) the slice function looks fine but when I send it to print this mesage appears but if I overide the message the print goes missing and I have to abort. Has anybody encountered this before? Thanks in Advance , Dermot
  9. That's good to know because I'm in the process of buying a polybox and some storage vessels. there must be a sensor in the spool arm that detects the utimaker pva?
  10. That polybox is just what I need so . I will also have a look for some sealable containers and get some silica gel while I'm at it. I'm using PLA (white, black , silver) and natural PVA filaments for the time being until I get familiar with the 3D printing process. Thanks again you've saved me a lot of hardship on the learning curve!
  11. I changed to a new reel of PVA and the first thing I noticed was how ridgid and almost brittle the filament of the new reel is compared to the old reel that I took off. The old reel filament was very compliable to the touch so hopefully that will solve the issue for me. I am new to this so I'm trying to build a preventative maintenance mini programe to deal with the histories and issues. The old reel had been sitting on the back of the printer for a few weeks in a spare bedroom. I did not know how sensitive the PVA filament is. I will build a container to keep it stable but for the time being I have the old reel in the sealed bag that came with the new reel. fingers crossed!!!! Thanks again Smithy.
  12. Thanks fbrc8-erin, how does my filament get ground down? It looks o.k. Its PVA Filament thats causiing me the issues and it looks fine on the reel. I cleaned the tubes this morning and might get some new tubing as spares before I change out a reel of material. I measured the tubing and its 1/4 O.D. 1/8 I.D. clear tubing so I might give that a try before I get into to it futher.
  13. cheers Smithy, I must try turning off the sensor to get it finished but I have to find a long term solution. my prints take 1 to 2 days on average and I don't want to babysit the machine.
  14. Hello, my ultimaker s5 keeps stopping and displaying this error. I have read the blogs and have tried to fix it but to no avail. I have disabled the network . that didn't help. I have the latest firmware loaded. that didn't fix it either. I took the feeder apart and cleaned it . that didn't fix it. I have a print job on and its a 2.5 day print. I have 1 day and 5 hours left and am sick of restarting the printer. is there any PERMANENT solution to this error? highly frustrated, Dermot
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