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  1. I don't know the answers to many of your questions, but I did convert the UM2 that I am helping someone with to use 1.75mm. Here is a link to the Adafruit guide that I used. Go through the whole guide, ot just the video. The video is abridged and misses several key steps in the regular guide. https://learn.adafruit.com/using-1-dot-75mm-filament-on-ultimaker-2
  2. Hi Folks, I am supporting a friend of mine with their UM2. We have two issues and 1 question: 1. When connected via USB and sending print jobs, there is no preheating automatically happening for bed and nozzle and then the bed does not rise to meet the nozzle to print. The nozzle begins moving like its printing but its not preheated so no filament is coming out. Do you have to manually tell the printer in Cura to preheat before hitting the print via usb button? 2. The second issue is more complicated. If I print via SD card , all goes to plan except the
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