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  1. TPU won't have the same effect as ABS, so you won't get a polish surface, but acetone will hide the ladders a bit.
  2. Not all the plastics behave the same way. I print mostly in TPU and the material has much more cohesive force than the PLA and it gets more liquid when melted due to the longer time it takes to harden, so the "ladder" effect it's not as apparent with TPU as it is with PLA. Also, the speed has a huge impact in that effect. That being said. You're absolutely right, the effect won't disappear, it will only help a bit and the only way to fix that would be a 5 axis 3D Printer. But this would be an industrial level 3D printer that will probably have a private software.
  3. In a final version that movement would have to be done in multiple parts to optimize all the possible parts without colliding with the print. Each layer would do a part of the movement to smooth the top layer. I really believe this will the final step to end the "ladder" problem.
  4. Thanks! Do you think "non-planar" will become a plugin/setting in the next year? It's cool, but too hard to make 😞
  5. You're using Cura? Or Slicer?
  6. Hi! This topic may look strange (because it's a crazy idea). It's possible to start the infill at a different position than the corner of your print? I'm trying to print a Gyroid cube with no walls using TPU (the filament has some problems with the retraction speed, so I'm limited to some parameters) and it doesn't matter how much retraction I use, it still leaves a bit of stringing, so I thought that starting the infill at the middle of the print would allow the nozzle to push the string back to print stead of connecting it to the closest infill, which in this case is an "external infill". Any ideas?
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