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  1. Thank you for your quick response!! Yes it was the switch. I found a plastic spacer, which was obviously mounted before and I did not see it when I took the switch off. So the switch was not centered and the bed did not touch it. I corrected it and now it is working. And it is good to know that one can move the bed by hand! This helps a lot 🙂 Thanks again for your real-time reaction! Tom
  2. Hello there! My U3 messed up a print and I stopped/aborted it. Unfortunately a slightly bigger piece of printed stuff was under the printing bed when the bed came down. So the bed did not touch the end switch and the z-axis started to sound very bad. I switched it off after 2 secs. I had to unmount the switch and press it manually to get the bed free. But the bed is not working correctly anymore... Now, does anyone know if this can be repaired by myself? Thanks in advance!!! Tom
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