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  1. During a clean up, my work was throwing out an old Ultimaker 2 that broke down and had been used as spare parts to maintain the other printers. My boss offered for me to take it home instead of throwing it in the bin which I accepted. I am tying to work out whether it is worth salvaging, it ran 24/7 for around 3 years, so alot of things are broken or missing. I am not sure if the cost of replacement is worth the hassle, particularly because I don't know all of the issues. Known issues: *The heatbed was not working (I don't know the exact issue) *The X-Axis motor was not working *The whole Hotend Assembly is missing *The touch screen was broken (I have repaired this) *The encoder/knob was broken (I believe I have repaired this) I have just fixed the screen and it powers up to an error "Stopped temp sensor". This is presumably because the Hotend assembly is completely missing. So my questions are: *Given the symptoms above (and potentially more) is it worth saving? *Is there anyway I can bypass the temperature sensor error to see what else is wrong? *Is it worth getting the "2+ Extrusion upgrade kit", versus just buying the hotend assembly outside of the kit? *If I did get the extrusion upgrade kit can I use the old extrusion stepper to replace the faulty x-Axis stepper?
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