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  1. Aye, it would seem that way... I included the .3mf in my previous post, and I'm including the .STL here. I made the model in blender. I've tried merging my objects together into a single object thinking that might solve it, but no luck. How do I go about making it watertight? Nero_Barrel_3.stl
  2. Oh sorry, I thought I did! My bad! I looked through the forums and found that it might be that the model isn't water tight? I still don't quite get why it's just the top/bottom that's having issues.... Barrel.3mf
  3. Hi there! I'm having a wierd issue trying to slice a miniature barrel. For some reason, CURA removes pretty much all detail from the top and bottom of the barrel, and I can't figure out why. The divots between the planks on the top are about 1mm deep, meaning that they should show up in print. Wierdly, the top isn't entirely smooth, as there are some slight indentations, although these don't seem to line up with the model at all. I've encountered this issue once before, and I never was able to solve it then. Hopefully someone here can make sense of it! I'm us
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