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  1. Thanks for your responses. @kmanstudios I was told that the example model I have attached was printed with an Ultimaker 3d printer. That made me curious to understand how it was made from an image. As per earlier comment about color, I guess after printing, they might have hand painted the miniature. At the point, the main question I think is the way to get a 3D model out of an image. I believe once a 3D model is available, printing it in Ultimaker might not be a huge challenge. I'll also review 3d inkjet printers and see if they work for me.. Th
  2. Hi All, I'm a newbie here. Planning to buy Ultimaker S5 and have a question before I can purchase. I'm mainly buying this to print human portraits/miniatures using just photos only and will not be able to perform any scanning physically. It will be just using digital photos. Is this possible at all? Please find attached a sample image of 3d printed miniature. I'm looking to produce a similar output. Has anyone done this before and achieved success. Any suggestions or help will be really appreciated. Thanks so much! Kind regards,
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