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  1. Hi all, finally, I took time friday evening to put the printer on a table in front of me, opened a beer, rolled a cigarette, and did some adjustments on the printer. Especially the pulley of the plate, Y Axis. And now it's working very fine with Cura, I had a great surprise with a really good accuracy. I also checked some screws like those fixing the vertical supports. I moved the filament spool holder at the left most extremity (I noticed that the spool is making some small vibrations when it rolls when the filament is extruded). Maybe I will build a better spool axis to ensure smooth rolls. For me, now, I can say that problem is solved. Thanks a lot for help and posts. Tom.
  2. Hi BlondieSL, thank you very much for these explanations. I will try them tonight. Tom.
  3. Hi all, i'm still looking and searching about the topic on the web. I supposed you had a look on the topic on this forum : It seems that printers based on moving beds on Y are concerned. The motor would not be "powerful" enough (torque, and so on...). Some people replaced the motor by another one, and it seems now working like a charm ... But why does it appear on gcode produced by cura? Here is the link to motor replacement on CREALITY CR-10S PRO : https://www.instructables.com/id/Creality-CR10S-Pro-Y-Axis-Stepper-and-Power-Upgrad/ Tom.
  4. Hi all, My printer : CREALITY CR-10S PRO, firmware : Tiny Machines 3D Firmware B7 Cura Version : 4.2.1. I'm facing the same issues, Y-axis layer shift with Cura only, unfortunately... I will check the different speeds and accelerations settings... I got this printer in the beginning of July, so quite new. I didn't check for the moment the different hardware parts (screws, gears, steppers, ... ). Maybe I will check them to be sure. Tom.
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