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  1. I don´t have any other printcore to test by the way
  2. Thanks. I´ve tried to disassemble just the clear part and the spring looks good. Just the black piece is a little bit loose, but this only affects when you load the printcore right? when the printer is working the black piece is unusefull. The print head also looks good. I have no idea what is happening. So I attach two pictures with the lift switch up and down. Maybe you can see what is wrong here. (I know it's not the cleanest print head 😅) Thank you so much
  3. Hi there.I´m having some troubles with my last printings and i´ve realised that the printcore 2, even when the lift switch is up, remains lower than printcore 1. Now appears the "Difference between detected height of both PrintCores exceeds realistic values" error. However this is an usual error for me. The problem is that I cannot level the platform cause printcore 2 is always lower than printcore 1 Any ideas? Could it be a problem with the spring? I feel it isn't working well when I do this and the lift switch seems to work fine: I´m using Ultimaker 3 extended Thanks
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