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  1. Thank Smithy. Yes, the build plate was clean and covered with a generous dimafix layer. Increasing build plate temp would work for sure, my uncertainty is what caused the gradual differences in the models adhesion
  2. Hi, I have a problem with my ultimaker s5, I tried printing a few very simple pieces with the new air manager installed, in PLA with a filament and a profile super tested, but the pieces warped inside after few layers, but in a really strange way: increasingly towards the right side. In the photo attached you can clearly see the first on the left cube in good shape, and then the others start warping more and more, on the right the last two totally detached from the plate. Any idea what could be the problem? What can cause the right/left differences?
  3. Hi, I'm trying to print this model which needs support in the upper part, the supports should be based on the model itself but even setting Z distance to 0 a significant gap remains between the model and the supports, not allowing me to print correctly... any idea what the problem could be?
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