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  1. Hello. Would you be interested in buying a device which allows for plug-and-play perfect filament fusing? I mean that you just have to power it up and it can fuse perfectly materials in an instant. If so, how much would you pay for such a device? Thanks!
  2. Hi Johnny, Thanks a lot for the tips. I will try this out next time we need to print something using PC. Have a great day! Cosmin
  3. Hello, I would need to print something with this material: https://ninjatek.com/eel/ Unfortunately, it only comes in 1.75mm or 3mm diameters. I have never seen 3mm filament before. Can I somehow use this material on my S5 printers? And, do any of you guys know of any other electronically conductive flexible filament available out there? Thanks. Cosmin
  4. @NovaStarGX Ohhhh I seeeeee now. I will try this ASAP. If I need to make adjustments, how did you do that? just pull the axle down, if you need it to move down a bit? Or pull it to the right, if it needs to go to the right? No unscrewing or anything like that?
  5. @Torgeir If I move the extruder manually, the sound is still there, but only during certain types of moves. For example, on the X axis, it will sound horrible going left to right, but right to left there is no sound, just that silent humm you mention. There is also no play on the extruder, however the sound seems to be coming 99% from either the small motors or the belts, specifically in the corner of the printer. There is no real sound coming directly from the extruder. They have been printing quite a lot. I can't say an exact number, but since Sept 2019 they have been printing about 30-40% o
  6. Hello, Here is a we-transfer with 2 videos, taken on 2 different S5's. Both have the same problem. vids / also attached ZIP here, if link expires. Thanks! wetransfer-e27d18.zip
  7. Hello, I have some problems with some of my S5 printers, and I wanna see if you have any recommendations. Firstly, I have some serious grinding noise coming from the 2 motors. It sounds like they are coming from the belts, as if they are grinding on to something. I have tried tightening the belts as per UM's instructions, and sometimes it works for a few days, but the noise just comes back afterwards. For this, I am not sure if there is something I can do. If it gets worse, I'll just send them back to the supplier, but since our business is providing 3D printing services, I wi
  8. Hello, I need to print some prototypes with Ultimaker PC material, on our S5 printers. Was curious if anyone tried printing with some kind of Breakaway material as support(I have the one from Smartfill) and had success on small prints. Also, do you have any tips/tricks for printing with it? What settings do you use for support, when using PC as support, not something else. Any other tips? Thanks a lot. Cosmin
  9. Yes, Cura 4.4.1 helped for me as well. Thanks for the suggestion.
  10. SO, a bit of an update to the situation. As pulling a direct ethernet cable is pretty hard, we decided to try and setup a 2nd router as a bridge. This was properly setup, and our printers connected to the 2nd bridged router via ethernet cable. Now, the printers appear connected via ethernet, they have internet connection basically, however they can not be found on any network in CURA or through the Ultimaker android app. Any advice as to why this happens? Previously, we could atleast see the printers and briefly connect to them, via WIFI directly. Now, it seems that it's even
  11. Hello people, One of my S5 printers has starting making a weird noise. Basically, when the print head moves on the X axis from left to right, a very weird and loud noise comes from somwehere in the top-right corner - my guess it's the small motor on the right, or the belt. When you put the finger on the belt connecting the motor to the axis, and the axis moves left->right, you can feel a vibration on the belt itself. This started about 4-5 days ago, and yesterday the noise started to be heard when the head moves from right-> left aswell. Same noise, only lowed in intensity
  12. Thanks a lot, that does the trick. Really appreciate it. Will this affect the quality of the print in any way? using 0 (instead of 3, the value put by CURA before). Also, I've been in the situation when the roll of filament finished before a print finished. All good, the sensor got it, I put a new roll in, and the print continued. However, I got a small gap in the print, an imperfection. Is there something I can do about this, if this happens again? I've uploaded a picture, and you can see on the top of the print, 1 CM from the top going down, a line going all the way a
  13. Hello, I'm using Cura 4.3 and an Ultimaker S5 printer, trying to print with PLA on extruder #1 and PVA on extruder #2 (both PLA and PVA are Ultimaker as well). The problem I seem to be having is that Cura adds SO much support. It is basically wrapping my models into PVA, for no apparent reason. I have made a videoto show you what exactly I am talking about: https://imgur.com/e2FnetL Basically, I want to ask if this is cosidered normal, and if not what settings should I try? Or better, what are the best settings you guys recommend you
  14. Hello, I have 3 S5 printers, and have connected all of them to the Cura Connect feature, with the app downloaded on my phone, with notifications enabled etc. etc. This is very useful for me, as I've had cases when the printer had some sensor error and it aborted the print, sending me a notification to fix the issue. However, the printers keep disconnecting. They are connected via WiFi, if that matters. Do you guys have any idea as to why this keeps happening, and what I can do to make it stop? When this happens, I need to switch the p
  15. Thanks a lot, this worked. I really appreciate the help. Cheers
  16. Update: The axle was actually not locked into the black plastic box, so we snapped it back in and everything appears to be ok now. However, we didnt snap it in perfectly centered, so now the entire axis is pushing towards the front, making the black plastic box in the front sit at an angle, and not perfectly vertical. Is it ok to open said black plastic box (as I see it has 2 small hinges), un-lock the axle, and then snap it back in perfectly centered? Or should I just leave it as it is. udpated pics below
  17. Hello, I have 3 brand new Ultimaker S5 printers, and one of them seems to have a problem. Specifically, the Y axle, at the point where it is hooked into the black plastic cover (the one between the belts) seems to be lowered, and would sometimes touch the belt while printing. I have attached a video and some close up photos for you guys to see. I am not sure if I should just re-tension that specific belt, or if I need to also re-attach the axle properly, somehow, before doing that. Any help/input is appreciated. Cosmin Video: https
  18. Hi, quick update. I forgot to take pics, but I can say 100% that it was a Cura issue. Specifically, latest Cura version (4.2) issue. If you have any similar issues, just use Cura v3.6 (available on the Ultimaker site) and all of the issues with the first layers go away. Cheers, Cosmin
  19. Thanks a lot for all the help and suggestions. Cosmin
  20. Hello, The print is still going with Cura 3.6 used, but everything appears to be ok. As far as the blob, if you check that option, does it make a blob for both heads, or just the first used? I ask because in my case the PVA was used first, and that printed just fine in all cases, so this wouldn't help. Thanks.
  21. Hello, Actually, it was the PLA that not is not being extruded for the first layers, while using the latest edition of cura. I tried the print again with cura 3.6 and it seems that everything works fine now. I'll come back with updates when the print is finished. Basically, before, The PVA was being printed, but the first few layers of PLA were not. The printer was just printing air. After a few layers, the PLA started printing as well. However, with 3.6, so far the PLA is being printed from the first layer, so I hope this print goes well. Th
  22. Hello, I just got my new S5 printers, and am having some problems printing with both Ultimaker PLA and PVA. Basically, printing with only PLA works perfect, but when I try to use both, with PVA as support, the print head with PLA attached to it simply prints air, and nothing comes out. Note that I've tried cleaning it with cleaning filament, switching heads, pretty much anything of the basic solutions. When printing only with PLA everything works great, but when using both it just doesn't extrude. In cura I have the correct options: head 1 PLA, h
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