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  1. Thank you you for the tip, I will give it a go and will be heading off to watch your video right after this is sent. I think that I should grab some IPA and give the glass a good wipe and polish with a clean paper towel. I did do a bed levelling last night and that did help with the under extrusion issue. After levelling the first layer of my print looked great, the second layer is when everything peeled off of the plate and remained on the nozzle.
  2. I have been chasing my tail lately in regards to build plate adhesion. Recently I cleaned the stock glass build plate with Windex as it was covered in finger prints following moving the printer across town. And this is where I believe everything when horribly wrong and continues to do so. I am attempting to print thin parts in PLA with a customized default profile and absolutely nothing sticks to the build plate, I can sometimes get a portion of the first layer down (although it is suffering from under extrusion). If I let the print run through I end up with a glob of melted plastic stuck to t
  3. I've been working on a couple different scale models of microwave and transmission towers lately, something that I plant to offer for sale in the coming weeks... The microwave tower stands about two feet tall.
  4. I am glad that I was pointed in the direction of this post, it has helped out a lot with a current project. I am wondering if the great developments made by @burtoogle in this branch of Cura will be implemented in a future version of the main trunk of the software by the Ultimaker team?
  5. Good afternoon, I am in the process of developing a model kit which consists of some trusses, well a lot of trusses, which in the real world are fabricated with steel angles. The screen grab (brass coloured) from Solid Edge should hopefully give a bit more insight into what I am hoping to achieve without releasing everything that I am working on. I have made the model and printed it successfully on the Ultimaker 3 but I would like to clean it up a bit. Currently I am using Cura 4.3 to slice up my model and prepare it for printing but I am noticing that some internal thin walls show
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