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  1. Hi Guys, Thank you very much for replying so promptly. I will try all of the above and see what happens. It certainly is the beginning of the layer lines at the poor corner, but it seemed to be putting down the plastic ok. Difficult to tell without further investigation. I'll rotate the model on the bed and print it again and see if it leads me anywhere. It it's a stop/start point issue that should maybe confirm it. Cheers Doug
  2. Hi everyone, Was wondering if anyone could help me with this print. It's a very straight forward part, printed on an S5 using ColorFABB PLA/PHA Filament. Looking to model 4 screw holes, and this view is showing the first layer of the model, so the central part is support plastic to be removed. First three corners print great, but the final hole is shown at the bottom... Does anyone have any ideas why might be causing this? Thanks in advance for any solutions to my issue you may have. Cheers Douglas Thomson p.s. As an idea f
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