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  1. I totally agree, either the magnet solution does not work, or a censor should be implementer. This has damaged our 3D-printer allot, after happening twice. I managed to remove the material both times, but with the print cores being totaly ruined. Luckily i only lost 3/4 print cores, so one of them i still working. Problem is that we use the printer for work, so missing 3 print cores meant that we only do a single extrusion and not use PVA anymore untill we buy a new one.
  2. It's not the problem unfortunately. the magnets work well still. As you can see i had printed a fan guard holder, but this popped off during a print. I'm looking into what may have caused this, and this is also why I wrote this post.
  3. Yeah is pretty screwed at the moment, since i removed the fillament to make the printer work again. I have contacted the reseller, but I was just wondering if this was common or happened to others.
  4. Hello everyone I had an issue with my Ultimaker S5, and this error has occurred twice in the last 3 months. While printing the fan gate opened, filling material into a giant lump. I managed to remove the first one PLA, and the second one ABS. But with the cost of 2 print cores being ruined for good. I have even printed a fan gate holder the first time this occured, but as you can read it happened twice, and with the fan gate holder on. Is there anyone who has had the same problem, any solutions? what do you recommend i do? The printer is from sep
  5. I will try this fix, seems like there is no problem at the moment. Will have to wait for new PVA to try if it's also the case here. Thanks again
  6. I'm using ABS, PVA and PLA, had issues with all of them. I work in a facility with low air density, so Humidity should not be the problem.
  7. Hi everyone I've been having issues with my ultimaker S5 saying it's out of material, when it's not. I have looked into the issue by: 1. Changing printcores 2. Changing filament type 3. Cleaning nozzles 4. Cleaning motors on the back I still can't seem to fix the issue, has anyone been having the same problems? Hope that someone can help me fix this problem.
  8. I haved used the printer over Ethernet for almost 2 months without any problems. The printer just randomly gets unreachable for an hour every day, and suddenly works out of nowhere.
  9. After a long print, the printer keep being unreachable and wont upload new document for printing. Is there a solution for this?
  10. I used 3434 tap on my build plate, this has helped my prints to stay on the plate and not warp. Hope this can help 🙂
  11. Anyone who has experience using Spidersheet on Ultimaker 5S? What is your do's and don's? Does it work properly? Other things I need to know before considering buying? Ty In advance Link to Spidersheet (https://3deksperten.dk/spidersheet-254x254mm-ex-ultimaker-2.html)
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