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  1. Hi, Sander, I'm located in Norway. I will make a writeup of all the issues to my dealer. I'm not totally locked in to Cura, but you havn't made it easy for others. Your new header system which contains crucial information in comments, needs to be at the top of the file (even when tagged with start/stop) so that including it as "start g-code" in other slicers won't work (they always insert a comment at the file start). I have to manually modify each gcode-file. Also the rigidity is terrible. If you have a fine detail in a print, the following extrusion is off place, making terrible stripes in the print. You can have a look at the attachments. Note that I don't expect the small details to be perfect, but I expect the machine to be rigid enough to not lose it's position on a €72.000 machine. This performance is on €290 level. The one thins the S5 is really good at, is first layer. The calibration process is accurate and the first layer is perfect every time. That is good. If just the prints it makes could be used...
  2. The S5 is not a good product. Print quality is much worse then a $600 China printer, WiFi is impossible to get to work, it doesn't take normal gcode, so you are stuck with Cura (it uses a new, small gcode subset). The startup procedure is really bad, reboot time horrible. One of the worst printers I have ever had. It would be a good deal for $1200. Go for a Creality or Wanhao. They are so much better, and cost a fraction.
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