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  1. I am starting to suspect that something is wrong with my Y axis positioning, but it doesn't happen in all circumstances, just in some special cases like this one. I am also having problems with bottom layer not touching some of the walls, leaving gaps very noticeable with Concentric fill pattern and to a lesser extend with Lines filling pattern (on the image of the fork a gap in filling the top layer can be seen too). This also seems to be Y positioning related. For some reason it all happens only with ABS filament. With PLA everything was just fine and I didn't have s
  2. It could've been the case if I didn't get the same result 3 times in a row. I tried to change settings from 0.15mm to 0.2mm, Infill pattern, but that didn't change anything.
  3. Hello I am trying to print this model from thingiverse https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2837894 When I print the arms I notice that one side (right one on picture) of the arm is twice thinner than it should be. This is seen only on printed object, in Cura GUI everything is correct and both sides of the fork are of the same thickness. Where is the problem? What settings could be used to fix it? I am using Cura 4.2.1, printing with ABS.
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