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  1. Hi there I recently installed a inductive probe to my printer which has dual extruder (Not sharing nozzles) Here is the starting of the issue I want to use G29 before every print I did this by adding G29 to start g-code but the problem is nozzle heating before calibration and oozing too much when print starts it leaves the oozed plastic in the prints first layer which can cause problems (also some prints of mine needs glass like first layer and ooze is problem for this) So to resolve this issue I did edit start G-code like this M140 S{material_bed_temperature} G28 ; home M19
  2. I am using a non popular printer 4GenPro by 3D4E the extruders stays in the same height
  3. Hi, When I printing with dual extruder The second extruder leaves filament on the other part of the print I am using the exact same settings for the filament that I know works best And also the print quality is low as you can see on the second picture I am using the ooze shield and the prime tower at the same time
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