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  1. Is the any other option, how to rotate object in macbook pro 2017 . With trackpad its impossible to make the rotation
  2. Selling my Ultimaker 2+ with bondtech upgrade, and PrintBite Platform. Printer in great condition, Location in Latvia, but i will provide free shipping in EU, inserting foam in the printer and packing in max i can 🙂 For more details write me email - kristaps.berzins@emilsgustavs.com Includes a lot of 3d material , 3 rolls of Nylon,PLA , PLA Volcano , Titan X, Carbon, Titan x sample packs. I can also send you my DIY filament dry box.
  3. Made the first almost successful print. Conclusion when i tried to print with ultimaker settings 0.6 mm extra fine i hade a lot of problems . Then i tried 1mm , with 0 fan and speed 40 mm/s with 260 temperature and 106 % flow. The surface feel kind of ruff , i know should it be like that ? There was 0 warping with heat bed on 85 c for me 100 c was to hot and the materials got small foot . But as you can see in the picture it still looks like under extrusion. 3.pdf 2.pdf 1.pdf
  4. Did print a full 100 % . Forgot to put brim on bottom had a little warping but overall it did look great as i think . Ended with 106 % flow speed 40 mm/s and temperature 245 c with out a fan. Need to increase layer count on top. I think those bumps where because filament was wet it was making popping sound first Hours and then did stop so did the bumps. But in the middle of print have a strange line thats 1mm off you can see in the picture.
  5. I did choose the ABS because i thought i will print a mould witch i can termo form later, but it was a bad idea. I basically make a silicon mould and then i will pure in epoxy for mould or polyurethane.
  6. Hello, Bought a new filament from formFutura Titanx. Have tried some many settings but cant seem to get it quite right. The problem can be seen in the picture. First layers looks really good but then the filament leavs more material after each line and in some parts it also creates holes small. Have gone from print temperature 240-260 with fan from 0-30 % and extrusion 95-106 % speed from 30-45 mm.
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