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  1. Thoughts? New pkg of Utimaker PVA. I have used 2 spools in the last 30 days with no issues like this. Same or similar models and settings. Bruce
  2. I just open a new pkg (Ultimaker) that i just received and to straighten it enough to feed into the feeder is a test of patience to not break it. PLA, bends easily.
  3. PVA is brittle for sure and overnight usually dissolves all of it or running water over it speeds it up
  4. No errors.... while it was printing, I was scraping off PVA material from the top of the smaller bowls. I'm guessing that I pushed the table down and it started printing in mid air. I was bored 😞 How about the PVA over extruding on the bottom of the bowl causing the dug out defect on the print? I tilted the next print and it just moved the defect to the opposite side of the bowl.
  5. after 25 hours of printing, the black nozzle goes bizarro!! Thoughts?
  6. Its a proprietary model 😞
  7. Yea, I just removed it and started a new roll. For less than 50 cents in material, it's a no brainer 🙂 Thx
  8. Pics showing clean and then the PVA starts building on top of the print.
  9. I cant do that because there is a key hole in the back of the part. You can see it in the pic.
  10. I'm finishing a spool of PLA and want to know the best way to start a new one? Do I need to remove the filament before the end passes the feeder and dispose of the 2 feet remaining?
  11. Can anyone tell me why the support material is printing on top of the saucer shaped surface? It makes the surface rougher ..... I added a couple more pics to show at what point this starts happening. I would think its a setting?
  12. I'm printing some tiny round pyramids and after several tries I have good looking prints except for the thread artifacts on the leading edge of the print. The right one is offset to allow the fan to blow on the other 5 pcs to cool them. I attached the settings. Any thoughts? Thx
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