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  1. Oh boredom would be a terrible thing! But thank you for the good thoughts and fast reply. I've managed to go back to 4.3 for the moment and can work well enough. It ~does~ make one realise how grateful we should be to everyone within the community who creates all these incredibly useful extras. Chris
  2. I've just downloaded Cura 4.4 but I can't find any Solidworks integration. The old plug-in hasn't carried over and there isn't any listed in Marketplace. Bit of a nuisance;} Chris Woolf
  3. Glad you have been irritated by the same problem! Trying to change a print core - say from an A0.25 to A0.4 - and a filament that isn't compatible with whatever was there beforehand can get you into a knot that can only be untied by switching off and rebooting. That seems remarkably primitive compared to everything else this machine can do. If the menu loop reaches a dead-end then I agree it would be nice to have a Return option that allows you to restart that loop and, say, change the order of the new set up to avoid the dead-end. Chris Woolf
  4. Just bought one of these on the basis of your several comments. It's good. The assembly instructions take a bit of following but do work, and everything fits very accurately - impressive. I'm using a number of awkward materials and hadn't appreciated how much an enclosure assists with keeping ambient conditions stable. Well worth the money. Thank you, gentlefolk.
  5. Brilliant! Thank you. I'm clearly not alone;} I did draw the part out and a partly successful replacement but it didn't last long. I suspect I didn't come up with as good printer settings. chriswoolf
  6. I have an Ultimaker 3 which earns its keep well. I run quite a few different filaments, some of which need relatively high temperatures. I've now had two print heads fail because of the transparent plastic lever degrading, so that it crazes and splits at the screw head. I understand this isn't currently a replaceable part - a shame - but I wonder if others have had similar experiences? If so, does anyone have ideas as to how the thermal stress on this point could be reduced? Chris Woolf
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