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  1. I've contacted my reseller, but I'm outside of any return policy they offer. I've been working with Ultimaker technicians to figure this out. The respooling is a mystery to everyone, but when dis-assembling the Material Station, I saw a wire for the respooling function had some torn insulation, so maybe that's the issue? I re-seated that connection anyway, but haven't been able to print a job to see if that solved anything (Still getting ER56 when I try to use the Material Station). While the Material Station was taken apart, I disconnected and then reconnected all of the RFI readers, which se
  2. This can be resolved by having the prime location only near the glass door. Its the second prime location in the back that seems to cause this issue, for us at least
  3. Our company recently purchased the Pro bundle for our Ultimaker S5. This kit includes an automatic material station, as well as an air manager. Since installing the Pro bundle, we've noticed that the printer runs through some sort of nozzle cleaning program before and after each print, where small strings of filament are extruded and dropped off the side of the build plate. Probably 15% of the time, the printer head drops one of those filament strings in such a way that the filament catches on the Z screw that raises and lowers the print bed. We've been able to catch it
  4. I'm using an Ultimaker S5 with Tough PLA and Natural PVA (Both Ultimaker brand filaments), and I'm encountering an issue where the BB printer head isn't extruding PVA. It will print the PVA on the 'Printer Test' model that comes on the thumb drive from Ultimaker, but when I try to add supports to one of my models, nothing prints out. The printer head makes the path it needs to for printing the PVA, and I can see the supports on my model preview in 'CURA'. And just an FYI, I've been trying to troubleshoot this in many ways, initially thinking the printer head was blocked. I did the
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