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  1. Ultimaker 3_ SN BPP-017174-060274 When the printer changes from AA extruder to BB extruder it causes a crash and jump on the hot bed. The extruder/fan door pops open and seems to be too low on the bed. I have downloaded the latest firmware. Removed and reinstalled the extruders, cleaned the rods and feeders. Cleaned the nozzles. Done active and manual bed leveling over and over. Reset printer. XY Offset done
  2. Thank you SO, SO much. i changed a few things as YOU recommended and am printing a test part as attached. Material 1 and material 2 are laying down properly. I think that you fixed it and will try another part to be sure. Once the next part is underway I'll post a photo. You are the best! David
  3. Thank you for your reply. How do I make sure that those definitions are correct on my Ultimaker 3? I am using CURA 4.3.0 Drawings from Fusion 360. I set the printer as Ultimaker 3 in the window top left on the CURA slicer window.
  4. HI, When I run a print; Extruder 1 lays down a good layer (Yellow). Then extruder 2 lays down the support filament and it's not in the correct place. It is shifted about a 1/4" to the left. I have run the X-Y alignment calibration and still having issues. Please help.
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