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  1. Thanks for your help... i'll try your suggestions and post the results....
  2. Hello guys and girls... Today i noticed something really weird that may be the reason why i've been getting some very weird deffects on my outer walls. First photo is a overview of the model itself. Next 2 photos show the problem. Cura shows some really weird lines and blobs on some random parts of the model, and all those deffects shows up on the real printed model. Tried exporting the model with different mesh qualities. Same problem dispite mesh quality. My nozzle is set to 6mm on the printer profile and also line width is set to 6mm. Last two photos shows the
  3. i'll have to reinstall 4.3 tonight... I'll post it as soon as i have it installed! Thanks!
  4. Installed all the previous versions, one by one... 4.0 works perfectly... I wonder what has changed since 4.0...
  5. Hello dear 3d print masters! I've been strugling against a very weird problem with my z-seam on a cylindrical part... it doesn't matter what i do the seams do not align perfectly layer after layer... by a unknow reason, the shift right, then shift back, and the shift again, also, each layer has a shift of a small distance, resultin in a diagonal seam. It can be seem on the Preview screen according to the image attached. I turned coasting on so that we could better see it on the display screen, but the problem happens even with coasting off!
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