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  1. Hey Brad, Great to hear from you! This sounds really interesting, would be great to hear a bit more! Adam
  2. Hey Niels, Great to hear from you! I've just checked out your website and would love to hear more. Are there any particular stories (clients with which you've worked, projects you've used the Ultimaker S5 with, etc) you'd like to share? Adam
  3. Hey Belezeebub, Great story! From where are you based? Do you have any specific customer stories (orders, organizations with which you have worked, etc) that you are willing or able to share? Really looking forward to hearing more! Let us know. Adam
  4. Hi Ultimaker community, I'm Adam, a copywriter on Ultimaker's content marketing team. We're currently planning future content for the "Learn" section of our website, which includes the Ultimaker blog and success stories. I'm hoping you all can help us out. If your company (or a company you know about) uses Ultimaker products in any capacity, we'd love to hear about it! If the story is there, and you're up for it, maybe we can work together to create a story that will be featured on the site. Here are examples of success stories we have published in the past: Killa Design (architecture firm) Ford The above content is somewhat large-scale, but that doesn't mean any story is too small! We're looking for anything that shows businesses or organizations using Ultimaker products to a positive end. So don't be shy! Also, any time you spot Ultimaker in the wild – on YouTube, in a newspaper, etc – please let us know. Great content can sometimes slip through the cracks, so any leads are of great use to us. You can let us know via this form Thanks and hope to hear from you soon! Adam
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