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  1. For some reason, I keep getting these little zits and holes across my print using Cura on my Prusa MK3S. I have a feeling it is a simple solution, but it's difficult to pick out the one setting that will fix it. They primarily form on concave/convex overhangs, but are also visible on vertical walls. I'm thinking maybe retraction. Additionally, there are these little ripples in the center of the picture. They appear specifically there, on all 3 faces around the print that are identical. I'm using Esun PLA, fresh roll, dried, 210C, tried printi
  2. I'm trying to print a part that uses support near the top. However, I get a few of these little bits that are generated on the buildplate. Support blockers don't do anything and I can't get rid of them for the life of me. Any good way to block them?
  3. I ran a test with set M104 S160 and M140 S65 constants as an attempt to remove variables when the first layer variables would have been. This is what was generated up to the first layer. It added M104 and M140 values before the start code. But then the M109 and M190 are completely ignored and the leveling begins ```` ;FLAVOR:Marlin ;TIME:228 ;Filament used: 0.104057m ;Layer height: 0.2 ;MINX:113.024 ;MINY:99.024 ;MINZ:0.2 ;MAXX:136.976 ;MAXY:110.976 ;MAXZ:15.2 ;LINEARADVANCEPROCESSED ;Generated with Cura_SteamEngine 4.5.0 M140 S65 M104 S215 M82 ;absolute extrusion mode M115
  4. I'm not sure why, but I can't get the starting gcode to work how I want it to. I simply want to home, preheat the nozzle to 160C, and heat the bed to the desired temp. However, I feel like I'm telling a toddler to do 5 things and it will do a couple things, out of order. With the code below, it begins preheating the nozzle to 160, then immediatly mesh bed levels. It doesn't home and wait nor does it even attempt to heat the bed. G21 ; set units to millimeters G90 ; use absolute positioning M82 ; absolute extrusion mode G28 ; home M104 S160 ; Se
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