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  1. Here is a picture of the one good print base I had. Also picks of the first output to show PLA flow. Then pictures of the next couple fails. I re-leveled between them.
  2. On the fans question, it is set to 100%. The first layer uses the back fan as expected, then the other two kick in on the second layer.
  3. So first off, I really appreciate the time and advice. It is really nice to have the help and I am thankful for the effort. I attempted another print this morning with the settings from the successful print last night. It came lose after it got about 3/8 of an inch in height. I tried the closer leveling as suggested and a thin layer of glue. It was an instant fail. The very first line of the brim didn't stick. Should it really be this difficult? I have about 25 failed prints at this point. I am not a total novice at this as I did all this and more over 2 years of print
  4. So this is how I leveled it. When doing the second round using the screw nuts, I have the leveling card under the nozzle. I raise the bed using the screw until I feel friction. I then pull the card out and in and out while raising the screw slowly. At some point, moving the card in, pushes the bed down because the card is thicker than the distance from the nozzle head to the bed. I then back it off slowly until the bed no longer gets lowered by pushing the card in. There is lots of friction, and as far as I can see it, it is the minimum gap that I can get using the card as a guide.
  5. The glue didn't work. Re-leveled and tried painters tape without luck. Cleaned it with Acetone and got a successful print. I'll try another one tomorrow and see how it does.
  6. I understand that leveling would be the go to. I have leveled beds hundreds of times (on my old printer and now a dozen on this one). I thought the bed may be different than my old printer so I tried leveling it high. Of course nothing stuck. Then I leveled it low and it had the usual problems I leveled it as it should be, with the right amount of friction on the leveling card. I am getting a perfect first layer. Do you use the glue even with PLA? I can give that a go later, and I haven't done the wet cloth method. I won't get to it today, so hopefully some other tips
  7. I upgraded from a MonoPrice Maker Ultimate that I had for about two years. I wanted a more stable and care free printer. I finally pulled the trigger and my UM 2+ arrived today. I have spent the last 5 hours trying to get a single successful print. I haven't been able to do it. Nothing will stay attached for more than a few layers tops. Here is what I have done: Leveled the build plate a dozen times Cleaned it with soap, water and rubbing alcohol many times Tried several test prints included with the printer (probably 12 or so failed prints) Tried glue Tried othe
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