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  1. After a full system reinstall the problem is fixed, I am to believe something blocked Cura like you suggested.
  2. Okay so its been a month now and this issue still present in my slices 4 out of 10 cases. Anybody else have similar problems? I have not come across any fixes so far for this issue other than reducing the overhand angle but its not really a solution as I DO need the support to go there just to be generated from the floor instead mid air. Please advise. I found this old GitHub post about similar problem which apparently was solved in Cura and it does not reproduce anymore: https://github.com/Ultimaker/Cura/issues/1875
  3. So Cura was working fine for me but for this particular model I get weird slicing for the supports. It seems some parts are floating in the air while others generate perfectly well and I cant get my head around it. Here is a screenshot of the model sliced and my settings, any help would be appreciated. Using Cura 4.3
  4. So recently I had this issue and I don't know what might be the cause of it. I have been using cura for months and never had a similar problem. It started two days ago, my models just won't slice. The process is stuck on "slicing" and it wouldn't do anything even if I leave if for two hours. I believe it might be an issue with my windows settings maybe as those were changed but it really shouldn't affect it but I don't know. Anyone ever had similar problems? I am using win10 and as I said it was all working fine until recently. Any help is appreciated thanks!
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