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  1. Hey Theo, you‘ve been right. The heat gun solved it. Now the printcores look a bit used. But everything works fine again. Thank You.
  2. Hello dear forum, last week I started a print with renkforce glow-in-the-dark pla-filament. Unfortunately I left the printer alone just after I sent the printfile to it. When I came back after two hours, the filament got completely stuck into both cores of the print head. The lower part of the filament clog was scratching the glass bed which got delocated from the holders by its movement. After dragging out most of the glued filament (which took a couple of hours) I reached now a point where both printcores are still stucked although most of the glued filament is out now. My questions: Did anyone have the same problem yet? Do You know a way of getting the stucked printcores out of the print head without using an angle grinder? Thank You a lot in advance! Daniel
  3. Hello Developers, recently I found a missing option in the printer menu of the UM3 extended - so I have to switch the printer on and off again to be able to continue. The situation: Installed is a AA print core and a pla-filament spool. Now I change the pla-spool to a pva one using the spool-unload/load option of the firmware-menu. After placing the pva-spool and pressing the confirm-button a message appears, telling me, that the actual print core is not suited for this kind of filament. And here comes the bug: The only option I have now, is just to confirm this message and to continue loading the filament into the wrong core. That does not make any sense to me. What I would expect here: Either a question like: "Do You want to change the core to a BB one? (yes/no)" and then initiate the core change procedure. Or some kind of "Go back"-button, so I could at least navigate back the menu and then go to "change core" and so on. Until now I helped me by switching the printer off and on again and first change the core then the spool. Thank You in advance of taking notice and hopefully changing this. Best regards, Daniel
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