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  1. Over a week old and still waiting to be approved by a mod? BUMP!
  2. Hi - I think this has been brought up in the past, but flagging it again anyway. Trying to print a 1.2mm wall with a 0.4mm nozzle, gives two solid outer walls, but the inner wall is a series of dots and dashes. Really slows the printer down, not ideal! There are settings that I think are supposed to fix this, but I cannot get them to work. On wide flat 1.2mm walls, it generally works but sometimes just leaves a gap in between. I have to alter my models to 1.21mm to get the walls a solid 3 layers, attached pics show this difference. So, requesting a fix for this! Or if there is something obvious I have missed, let me know, but I am pretty sure I've tried everything relevant.
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