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  1. It is acting very weird. If i move that part around a bit it changes its support underneath. Here is layer 3 then layer 4. XL Set v1.3mf
  2. I dun goofed something. I don't know what it is. I printed one version of this part just fine, but when I went to slice it again, a large part of the support base is missing, and the support base does like 10 or 12 walls for the support on the first layer. I would like to know how to control the number of bottom layers for support and how many walls it does for the bottom layers. And why it is deciding to not do the bottom layer(s) in the indicated section in the video. Good Quality.curaprofile
  3. Hello, we are trying to set our print speed to 100mm/s but for some reason it slows down greatly after the first layer. Any ideas why? We are using some very custom settings such as a 5mm nozzle, but we don't think the should be affecting the speeds.
  4. We are a 3D printer manufacturing company. We specialize in 3D printing with clay. https://3dpotter.com/ Our extruder system is under pressure while moving, so retraction can get messy without some extreme setting in the slicer, like retracting 1000mm in 0.75 seconds, in the slicer settings. Here is the best retraction we have been able to get so far:
  5. Hello, we are wondering if it is possible to preform retraction while coasting using Cura, simultaneously. Our extruder has pressure behind it so we would like to have the material stop coming out, very quickly, when getting ready for a move. With just coasting, and then retracting after, there is still too much pressure so some excess material gets left behind. We were able to obtain a decently small seam with a 5mm nozzle with an EXTREMELY overclocked not safe extruder motor. But this was with retracting after coasting. Picture of the seam left behind: https://pr
  6. Does anyone know if Cura supports slicing for a scara style machine. Here is what it looks like:
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