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  1. Hi everyone, I have been trying furiously to make a 3 color 3D print but failed every time so far. Design is made in Fusion 360 and slicing by Cura 4.3 I have made many successful 2 color 3D print with the 2 AA 0.4 nozzles but when i put a script in, the print fails. This is the figure in question: The first script that I tried is "pause at layer height". It works perfectly fine and I can easily change the filament in my UM S3. The filament comes out nice and clean in the new color as well. Than he prints the last layer of the second box to then change to the new color. Here the problem starts. For the first 5 layers, there is no filament that comes out of the nozzle. After those 5 layers, it starts printing filament but we are at this point already 5 layers higher so there is nothing for the filament to attach on which in essence is the 3rd color not printing. I also tried the script "change filament" but here I exactly the same. Perfect pause, perfect retraction of the filament, perfect load of new filament, perfect outcome of filament but when it starts printing, nothing comes out for the first 5 layers. Can somebody help because I use my 3D printer to print for my business and I really need 3 colored prints. That is the whole reason why I bought this machine. Thanks Kevin
  2. Hi everybody, Can somebody help me with the problem that Cura does not want to run on my computer. Fusion 360 works perfectly but when I try to 3D print, Cura doesn't open at all. Thanks for thelping out Kevin
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