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  1. Understood. Thank you, burtoogle.
  2. Can I ask anyone to try to use this model and see if the same problem exists in your Cura installation? Is it a problem in Cura software, or my installation of Cura, or maybe it's some problem with the model itself?
  3. Hello! I have a problem with Cura. For most of my models, Cura is working fine. However, recently I've encountered a problem with one of my models. Here's the screencast so you can exactly see what's the problem: YouTube link 0:00 -- presentation of the part, so you can see how it should look like, 0:21 -- how it loads in Cura, in 'prepare' section it looks fine, no problem here, 0:36 -- after slicing, the model looks completely wrong, why? 0:45 -- after adding support, it uses this 'invalid' model to generate support for, but support is also in the wrong place, 1:12 -- after rotating the model so that rotation is not 0, 90, 180 nor 270, the model looks completely different after slicing. It somewhat resembles my original model, but the slicing seems to have started a little bit too high, also some details of the model are destroyed in this sliced model, 1:52 -- you can compare just by looking at these 2 holes, normal model has those 2 holes higher than the sliced model, 2:06 -- also this detail is lost, because slicing seems to have started few millimiteres too high than from where it should start, 2:27 -- for comparison, this is how Slic3r perform slicing on the same file. There are no problems at all with slicing. Is there some fundamental problem with my part? Or is it a bug in Cura? I'm attaching the part in this post. tablet_part.stl tablet_part.zip Any help would be appreciated!
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