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  1. Thanks both e23 and gr5 for your suggestions, much appreciated..! I've tried most of them now. Speed settings: With 25mm/s on 230 the first layer doesn't stick, so I've tried 10mm/s on 230. But same result Lack of a fan on the UMO: I've tried printing without retraction (this should make a bit of a difference, right?), no luck Filament diameter: Measured, it's 2,85mm Extruder driver chip overheating: haven't heard the sound you're describing and I don't know how to lower the extruder current... Is there a noob way to test if this is happening? Replacing teflon p
  2. Thanks a lot Geert, There is no extruder cooling fan on the UMO. As far as I know, But your other suggestion might point in the right direction, because my cold pulls don't look close to your images ar all... My teflon coupler is quite new, but might there be something wrong lower in the hot end? Any idea where?
  3. I've not been able to successfully print ABS yet. I'm starting to get frustrated 😞 So far I've tried: 230, 240, 250, 260 C First layer at 10 mm/s, 20 mm/s Other layers at 20 mm/s, 40 mm/s or 60 mm/s Layer flow at 100%, 130%, 150%. And combinations of those. Bed temperature: 105C First layer 0,3mm, next layers 0,2 No luck yet. At first the print starts fine, the print sticks to the bed, but then after a while it fails (the flow of ABS deteriorates). Any ideas on how to fix? Thanks in advanc
  4. Thanks for your advice.. I've tried 20mm/s for the bottom layer, 40mm/s for the rest and 0,3mm layer height for 1st, 0,2mm for rest at both 230 and 240C but the same thing happened, it stops at a few layers. Interesting is that all prints stop at more or less the same point. See pic: Any more suggestions? I have no problems with layer adhesion (for the first print after re-loading)
  5. Hi! I'm printing ABS on an UMO+. At first printing works fine. It sticks to the bed, the flow is OK. When I push by hand it is not hard at all to extrude ABS. But after the first few layers, extrusion starts sucking and the print fails. When I then manually push the ABS through the nozzle I have to push very hard. Also, the ABS that comes out looks more 'dull' and less molten. If I then 'clean out' my nozzle with PLA (just push through at 230) and then re-load again with ABS, I can print fine for a few layers, but then it fails again. I have no p
  6. Probably this is a very silly question, but I can't find the answer. I own an UMO+, and I'm having some difficulties using the Tune option on the controller. What units are the parameters in? These are my assumptions: Speed: mm/s or [% of setting on SD card]? Nozzle: Ok, this one I get.. Celsius Bed: Celsius Fan speed: ??? Flow: ??? Thanks!
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