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  1. Thanks @gr5 for the replay again! I attached a picture of the machine. The print head and extruder are attached to the bar and the bar raises and lowers with a single a axis rod. I didn't have any 1 kg weights, so I made a temporary one. It's about 1.2kg. I made it out of change and zip tied it to the side of the x gantry. When I added the weight I also noticed that the x gantry falls by its self and stops about 3mm short of hitting the bed. I reprinted the same square and it was identical to before with a small improvement. However, I still notice a few lin
  2. Thanks @gr5 for working with me on this issue! I took the z axis rod off and made sure to clean it well. I did notice some dirt on it. When I was done it was very clean. I sprayed it with silicon. I reassembled the machine and added a weight to the x gantry. The heaviest weight that I could find that I could put on the machine was a 100g weight. I also noticed that the x gantry was hard to move up. I noticed the rod tension screws were super lose so I tightened them not too much and the x gantry moved up much smoother. The results didnt appear to be much better. Was the 100g w
  3. Hi, I've had my printer for about a 2 months now (Ender 3). Oh yes, I know this is an ultimaker form but I sadly can't afford one. I do use cura so I decided to post here. Anyway I've had issues with these odd z layer lines on my prints they always occur at the same place. Image: https://imgur.com/a/EHHjSNB Things I've done so far: 1. I checked to see if my 8mm threaded z axis rod was bent. I sat it on a table and it was every so slightly bent, maybe .07 mm of bend. I find it hard to believe that that could actually cause my issue. 2. I've checked the alignme
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