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  1. Yep, checked that. It is the Cura update that started this. There is no start or end coseds in the profiles for both (2+ and 2+EX). Been going thru all my settings and can't find the code that makes nozzle go into purge pile. never used to do that. It would move XYZ after purge to start location and now it Z moves to about 1mm then XY to start location. Hope this helps explain what its doing. regardless, I'm leaving the brush on as its nice to wipe the purge before the print starts. 🙂
  2. With new updates the nozzle on 2+ and 2+EX dives directly into purge pile. I usually wipe with a small brush when it starts but now the clearance is gone. Saw the above picture with wire and came up with simple fix of my own. Using a thin wire brush and a couple paper clips (heavy duty - see picture) they hold the brush just fine and grab the purge blob. There will only be an issue if I have to utilize the area directly in purge pile. (program accordingly) Suggest 3mm or smaller brush. Does wipe the nozzle just a bit which is nice, too.
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