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  1. The prime blob can be replicated by adding a skirt. As far as I’m aware however, there is no way to tweak the prime blob process. I had the same issue and started using a skirt in place of the blob.
  2. Is there a way to give an estimated time for the pause at height feature? I print at work and utilize this to embed magnets and nuts in parts regularly and always have to guess when i need to come back to the printer. I'm relatively new to printing and can usually figure everything out but this has me stumped.
  3. Turn off Prime Blob. Its under your Build Plate Adhesion tab.
  4. Background: 6 round pieces, 1 from extruder 1, 5 from extruder 2. I recently went to print something with a pause at layer height. Everything ran smoothly until the pause. After resuming the print, I happened to be looking at the lcd display and saw an error message pop up and immediately disappear while the z axis was rising. there was a glob in a random place from extruder 1 and it paused again. After the second resume, it began to print but was printing starting with extruder 1 in midair, roughly 30mm offset from the actual print. Clearly the wrong color and way off in the correct location. I've run this print before, but this is a new slice of the same components. Not sure if i made a mistake or it was a software issue. What can i check? I am currently running an XY calib just to cover my bases but the only big change was a firmware update on the printer and a Cura update.
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