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  1. I created a item in sketchup 2016.   basically a 6"x8" rectangle 3/8" inch thick with four holes in each corner.   each hole was 1/4" deep.    exported the stl file to cura 4.3.   opened up the file in cura and the four holes were very apparent in the opening view.   

    slice the file and in the resulting image, the holes were gone.    xray view showed the holes, but the holes on the surface did not appear.   thought maybe the view was incorrect....so printed it,  but the holes were never created with no evidence that any attempt was made to create the holes throughout the print.      Is there setting that would cause this or is this a slice error?

    thanks   dave

    PS.   have done this process with a similar image print using Cura 4.0, and everything including holes appeared in cura and the final print.  tried to print this new file with 4.0 and then updated to 4.3 and same thing occurred.

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