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  1. Wow, this is interesting information, thank you. I'm afraid a 1.75 conversion is out of the question for us, I won't modify our brand new and only S5 just to print this stuff. Your application is certainly special, and I'm impressed by this PAHT's performance under those circumstances. It is a great material, and when it does, it prints absolutely beautifully as well, I admit that. But I also have some thoughts I better not express here about them putting the 2.85 version to the market when it explodes in your face all the time. It's not like nobody could have noticed i
  2. Did you have any success with respooling it or did you get it to print reliably in any other way? We are experiencing the very same problems with this PAHT CF15. Regarding comparisons to other filaments, I understand PA-based filaments are very hydroscopic (far more so than PLA), but everybody and their uncle kept saying that about PVA as well, and drying it again and again and keeping it in the Material Station only increased its brittleness for us. In the end the successful solution was to keep our PVA in the open for several days, and by absorbing just a bit of moisture fro
  3. The link above leads to nowhere, unfortunately. Product page: https://www.clariant.com/en/Solutions/Products/2018/09/29/02/41/PA666_GF20_FR_Exolit_3DPrinterFilament
  4. The link above leads to nowhere, unfortunately. Product page: https://www.clariant.com/en/Solutions/Products/2018/05/19/17/17/Polyethylene-Terephthalate-Glycol-PETG
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