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  1. Thank you for weighing in @Theodork! I do appreciate the thoughts as I am still a complete novice! The design I desire to be a through-and-through, the bottom is mirrored by identical to the top. The two photos are the top and bottom sides of the two tokens I allowed to print all the way through. And there is far greater detail on the top of the print than the bottom. ... ... ... I'm probably going to attempt to do a negative/recessed impression on the bottom and raised on the top, attempting to portray the designed being stamped through the token... but once I have a bit more time. (I have two college papers to work on today which I have procrastinated on some.) As to the line width being too thin, I've already discovered that 😖 But it is a very good reminder! Once again, I appreciate any and all feedback on this! Thanks!
  2. Just now learning about this... Is there a way to adjust the Prime Blob in Cura, or is it simply "On / Off" ? Also, is there a "best" or even "suggested" method of priming (in this type of fashion) if one decides to change filament colors mid-print on a design which is sliced as mono-filament?
  3. It isn't quite what I had initially thought of, but it looks like the Gyropolis Hex is a Negative Design Element while mine far more Positive Design Element, if that makes any sense at all to anyone else... (Would those even be the correct terms???) ... Could that be the issue?
  4. I tried again Geert, following your train of though while trying to hold to the Ender 3's .04 magic number. I placed the core at a height of .10 above the print bed. I printed the base layer at .1, and following layers thicker with the magic number. The bottom of the token came out very clean, but with the design only visible while the light is reflecting off the surface perfectly. I'm totally going to keep this one, but still try fiddling more when I have more time... My ultimate goal is the style of design in the OP with the Gyropolis Hex piece.
  5. Thank you for the suggestion, Peggy, It doesn't look like it will result in what I'm desiring though. This preview shows a base layer without any of the design element... I recognize it is probably impossible to do a full, bau relief on the base layer without some intentionality in designing and water soluble support, or something... but I'm looking for the visual design element like in the example from Rifraf on Thingiverse...
  6. Failed to print as pretty as the Rifraf stuff... I stopped the print after 3 layers to save the PLA. 😕 Thoughts, Comments, Concerns... Declarations of Heresy... Thanks.
  7. Good Day! I am looking for wisdom and experience from folks when it comes to designs embedded within the base layer and first layers... I am very much so a novice and have printed mostly premade designs from Thingiverse and elsewhere, and have designed a few unique items myself. My question here today comes with trying to replicate design aspects from Srifraf on Thingiverse into my own designs. Example here. I'd like to duplicate the slight design from the base layer into my own work, but regardless of how I design it or try to slice it, Cura's preview tends to print the design on the bottom 3 layers instead of only the base layer and then a solid 2nd layer which is what happens with the designs by Rifraf... Working with the Ender 3, I've tried designing the token with a print height of .16 to accommodate the magic number (.04) and of the "infill" of the token set .20 above the print bed. Setting the base layer height at .20, and then the rest of the print at .16, the print preview still shows multiple layers before it starts laying over the design. And now, thank you Murphey, I just sliced it and the preview shows the 2nd layer beginning the complete infill 🙄 ... I'm about to go print the new slice and will report back on how it looks... I would still love to hear all y'all's thoughts and experience on this!!! Thank You! NO AP Token - 08 or 16 print height - 3 (1).stl 1-NO AP Token - 08 or 16 print height - 3 (1).gcode
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