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  1. yes, but is there a way to make it slow down gradually since the object is getting heavier?, lets says the travel speed starts at 150mm/s at the begining of the print, but make it 60mm/s at the end gradually going from 150 to 60 in the course of the print
  2. Hi everyone, i notice that in cura whenever i print large/heavy objects speeds up movements in non-printing status, so if the nozzle has to go from one corner to the other it goes somehow way to fast even though my printing speed is at default 60mm/s, this makes the printer miss steps once the object is getting heavier since there is more inertia and also i have a glass bed so it's worst, i have no issue with small lightweight prints, any help would be appreciated since my print failed twice, it got a layer shift half the way through twice in the same spot and its a 29 hour print so very frustrating. @nallath Would be awesome as a feature that cura slows down non-printing status gradually over the printing time for the next update, what do you think?
  3. Hi everyone, I was printing a hub where the fan blades of a jet engine mount on but had an issue with the inner part of it, i added brim since without it the first layer started to lift in a one of the sharp corners, but the problem is that in the middle there is a gap between the outer part of the object and had trouble with adhesion in there so i was wondering if there is a way to add brim in the entire first layer including the center, kind of like a raft but just one layer, here is a pic of what i mean I'm having problems in this center ring. even with brim enable in cura only applies to the outer shell of the object
  4. The thing is Microsoft offers a package of redistributables from 2015 to 2019 in a single file which cura installer seems not to detect the C++ 2015 installation files. The only way to run cura in my computer (and many other people with the same problem) is to install the redistributable that is included in the installation file from cura, but the only way to do it is uninstalling all newer versions of redistributables then i am stuck trying to open other software that need newer versions, and if i try to install the package from Microsoft it deletes the previous version i installed from cura. There is people that actually bough a printer from ultimaker and end up returning them since they were never able to use the slicer and did not know that there were other slicers softwares, since they were not very experienced in the 3D printing field.
  5. @nallath, the version used in cura it's so out dated, check this https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/2977003/the-latest-supported-visual-c-downloads
  6. Nallath! i tried the beta version and still wont open up, please tell the developers to update cura to work with latest version of Microsoft c++ redistributables!! Remember what microsoft said! "That is a Cura issue and has nothing to do with Microsoft. They must write their programs to work with Visual Studio or Net Frameworks, not the other way around. Microsoft just provides these as programming tools."
  7. One of the admins said that in cura 4.4 will be a patch for those who still cannot open cura for a compatibility issue with their '' Microsoft C++ redistributable'' developers of cura never update the codes to work with newer versions of C++ redistributables
  8. Awesome, i just talked to a microsoft advisor from microsoft forums and they said that it was that the problem, they told me that cura needs to have a patch to be used with newer versions of microsoft c++ 2015 redistributable. This is what they said: That is a Cura issue and has nothing to do with Microsoft. They must write their programs to work with Visual Studio or Net Frameworks, not the other way around. Microsoft just provides these as programming tools.
  9. it works consistently for me. Each distributable has 2 versions! x64 and x86. make sure you uninstall all 4. Go to control panel>uninstall a program> then look for any version of microsoft c++ newer than the 2015 and uninstall, after that just to be sure restart your pc, then install the 2015 version and restart again, cura should not have any issues after that it worked on my laptop as well. let me know if it works!
  10. Hey guys, i'm new to the 3d printing world and i've learned a lot this week so far, but here is my first design (A bong) haha.. so my problem is that is a cone at first then the up pipe is a hollow cilinder, but cura wants to start that layer from the inner part which is not possible since there is not support and i can't use any because it would be unremovable and it would not work also because that's where the water will be and smoke wouldn't pass thru. how can i make cura start this layer from the outer part so it can hook to the cone?
  11. I Found the fix Guys, Go to cura folder in program files> ultimaker cura 4.3, scroll all the way to the bottom and install ''vcredist_64'', if it does not install its because you have a newer version, go to control panel> uninstall a program> and uninstall all the newer versions of ''microsoft c++ redistributable'' , then try installing it, Then open cura and enjoy! After days of research finally i figure that out. Happy prints!
  12. you can install back the Microsoft c++ reditributable 2017 x64 and Microsoft c++ reditributable 2017 x86, I research a lot a bout it and many programs run in older versions of c++ since they were created years ago the only reason why you would want 2017 and 2019 versions is for programs that were coded those years, but they would still run in c++ 2015 since 2015, 2017, and 2019 are all ''compatible'' acording to microsoft, its only cura that has trouble loading with newer versions.
  13. it shouldn't, did you uninstall all newer versions of microsoft c++? each version has a x64 and x86 versions, so you should uninstall both version for the same year, then restart your pc, then install vcredist_64 for me, i had to uninstall: Microsoft c++ reditributable 2017 x64 and Microsoft c++ reditributable 2017 x86 make sure to uninstall any version newer than the 2015 that cura includes on its folder.
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