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  1. Hi everyone, Update: - the problem reacts to the setting "Support Horizontal Expansion" If i slice my acutal file with the following settings, i get the following results 0 => no print on air 1 => print on air 2 => print on air 3 (default) => no print on air For my initial post, i'm 100% sure that i used the default settings For my last post on feb.27 im not sure about the "Support Horizontal Expansion" setting So now that i described the problem and even served a possible solution, i hope for some more reaction. will keep you updated...
  2. btw.. this issue is still there on Cura 4.5.0.. thankful for any help.. dont need an explanation to these photos i think.
  3. can't see them? .. try this (Edited first post)
  4. Hi there, I've got that following issue with cura 4.3 (using Ultimaker S5 Printer) The model i want to print is standing on 4 feets (as you see in the screenshots below) Model 1: Model 2: Now.. the base of the model which stands on the 4 feets obviously needs to be supported. Im working with the standard printer settings except the support structure setting, with is set to Generate Support: YES Support Extruder: Extruder 2 The first layer of the models base is layer 20. So the last support layer is layer 19. I expected the layer 19 to be a "full" printed support layer (so that the models base is supported correctly). What the cura 4.3 slicing output is, is the following screenshots (model color: red). cura 4.3 layer 19 (what the..?!): cura 4.3 layer 20 (...can't print on air..): With cura 4.1 i installed a later version and sliced again with the same settings (pic 5, model color: green) cura 4.1 layer 19: So .. is this a known issue? Are there any mistakes i did? Thanks Timo
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