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  1. Awesome! I can't believe that it was that easy! Thank you!
  2. Everyone, This is an on-going issue! How can we get the programmers for Cura involved? Cura does not support fingers that point downward on the models. I have attached TWO models that have fingers that point downward. The fingers on BOTH models are not supported. On both models, the fingers are printed in mid-air. Please see the photo. groot_w_stand.stlBabyyodaonbase.stl Please review this post:
  3. Thank you for the suggestion. Unfortunately, it does not work. This setting causes the support to be a single line up to the finger tip. My printer is not able to print a single line straight up since the bed moves. I am going to use the "Custom Supports" add-in that was recommended by a YouTuber called "Chep". Wish me luck!
  4. groot_w_stand.stlI am trying to print a standing baby groot. Unfortunately, Cura does not generate supports for the fingers on the left hand. I tried using a separate box with "per-model" support settings, but Cura still will not generate supports for the fingers regardless of the angle setting. I have the latest Cura 4.3 slicer. See attached. Thank you for your help! groot_w_stand.stl groot_w_stand.stl
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